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Touching Of Sacred Feet Of Avatar Meher Baba To Amravati

Avatar Meher Baba arrived at Amravati on 20th  December.1952 and till 24thDecember He visited various places in the city, where darshan program took place.

On 20th December 1952 Bather ba  reached at Amaravati. Dr.C.D. Deshmukh had made arrangements for Baba to stay at his house.  Next day, i.e. on 21stDecember 1952 (Sunday) in the morning, at 8.00 a.m., darshan began with kirtan performed by Jiram Bua, in front house of Vinoo Kher. Then in after noon, first public darshan program was held in Joshi Hall. Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh and Ex-Collector of that time, shri Sagane alongwith many other respectable personalities were present in the said program.

Thereafter on 22nd December, 1952 on invitation of Dr. Panjabtrao Deshmukh, Meher Baba visited Janata College (run by Shri Shivaji Shikshan Saunstha). Meher Baba was grandly received by Principal Dr. Jawala Prasad and other professors. After garlanding Baba, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh delivered a speech . Bhajan singing was performed. Message of Meher Baba “Religion and Politics” was read  out and the students of the college were given prasad. Shri Sagane presented Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh with a large photograph of Meher Baba, which was sent by Harjivan Lal resident of Delhi. While putting it up in the hall, Dr. Panjabrao said “The photograph in this hall will always remind us sof your visit here”. Then said Hall had been named “Ramana Maharshi Hall”. Then Meher Baba took the round of college campus.

In the evening of 22nd December, for the first time in his life, Baba himself led the arti. It was performed at the house of Deshmukh, before a life-sized portrait of BABA. 

On the 23rd in the morning, on invitation of a middle-aged woman namely Saint tai Maharaj, Baba went to her temple {now known as “Krishna Mandir” at Ambapeth, Amravati}. Tai Maharaj had a large following. In the presence of over 500 of her followers, she received Baba with tears in her eyes, and declared to all present, “ The Avatar has come to me”.


On the same day afternoon, a third public darshan in Amravati was held at Vidarbha University, where the principal, professors and others accorded BABA a splendid reception.  Baba toured the campus and met everyone. The principal Mr. Nerulla was a devotee of Sadguru Ramkrushna of Kolkata. Baba took him aside. Nerulla asked Baba, how many more births will have to take him before God realization. Baba replied “I am very pleased with your question, which reveals well the patience of your heart. Many come to me and demanded immediate realization. Now that you have asked me, I tell you; you will see me in the form of Ramakrishna at the time of death”. 


On the same day evening, Baba proceeded to Dr. Patwardhan s leper colony {now known as Tapovan} where he had been invited.  Baba took round of Tapovan area and then sat with the patients in their prayer hall ( Now called it as Vishnu Mandir). Baba spoke there through alphabet board, laying special stress on the following points. 

“God loves most those who suffer most. Uninvited suffering is a blessing in disguise, for both pleasure and pain ultimately end in the Nothing. Lepers must not become despondent and curse their fate, but should consider their affliction as a God given chance of coming nearer to Him. Compared with the few suffering with physical leprosy, many in the world today suffer from leprosy of the mind”. 

(Pertaining to leper patients, at once Baba remarked that “they are the beautiful souls in the ugly cages”)

On the morning of 24th day of December, 1952 Meher BABA was invited to village Davargaon (30 Kms away from Amravati on Morshi road), where Baba contacted a mast (God intoxicated soul) named Virbhan Maharaj. As Baba began massaging his legs, the mast said to him, “why undergo so much trouble for me ? You have to do great work for the world”. Baba replied, “I am for those, who love me, and those who love me are my Gurus”. The mast said “You are the Master of the Universe; the village is blessed by your presence”. Addressing the mandali, Virbhan Maharaj then quoted this shloka (verse) from the Bhagavad Gita; 

“When the flame of righteousness burns low, God descends as the Avatar”. “Meher Baba is the real Avatar” he stated. I can see him in his real Form. At last my birth has born fruit.” 

In the afternoon from 3.30 to 4.30 P.M., Baba gave darshan in a Harijan colony. That evening there was a mass open air gathering in Davargaon. A multitude of people came, and the scene was reminiscent of those witnessed in Hamirpur.